The Group Walk

Ivone and I have been walking and hiking with groups for over a year now. It’s a different dynamic than when it’s just the two of us. Our last one was Sunday, in a woodsy area in Dover, Massachusetts.

I discovered the walk announcement on, and told Ivone about it. She signed up just after I did. Twenty-six walkers in all agreed to go. Fairly large group. But better to have more people than too few, we’ve found.


We left Ivone’s house in Watertown around mid-morning and made it to Dover with time to spare. There we met the group, standing in a semi-circle around the organizer, Kevin. He was a large man, and had a smile for everyone. He had us “go around” and tell everyone our first name, and town.

“Don, New Hampshire” I said, leaving out the town. I knew if I said ‘Concord’ people would think I lived in Concord, Massachusetts, even though I make it clear that I don’t. It happens a lot.

All 26 were here, a motley group of men and women from a sixty mile radius. The weather had been springlike in recent days, but this morning it was cold and windy. The sun helped. Someone did a quick head count, and we entered the Noenet Woodlands.

It was an easy trail at first, but we soon ran into our first challenge. A wide stream, full with the runoff from last night’s rain. A couple of logs seemed to give some footholds, but one log was just floating there.

We all made it across except for an older gentlemen named Joel, who trusted the floating log and pitched headfirst into the brook. He came out looking pretty wet but not unhappy. We resumed our trek.

I mostly walked with Ivone, but the nature of trail walking means that sometime I pulled ahead, and sometimes she did, and we would find ourselves chatting with the others in the group. Something about walking in a common direction with a common goal made this easier than it would be in another place or situation.

At one point I was walking next to Joel, who introduced himself. He asked where I was from. “Concord, New Hampshire” I called out in a clear voice. He then started to tell me of the other groups he knew in Concord, one of them for retirees.

“I’m not retired,” I said. He seemed surprised, which in turn surprised me. I’m not that old! Also, it turned out the groups he mentioned were in Concord, Massachusetts.

Yup, it happens a lot.

We found a small rise and posed for a group shot. It was lunchtime, but all Ivone and I managed to eat was a granola bar in the short rest provided.



Along the way we met hikers and walkers not in our group, many of them with dogs. Ivone always stopped to admire and greet the animals; I on the other hand could be counted on to walk right by. I’m a cat person, I guess.

We somehow managed to travel in a loop, so we didn’t have to traverse Floating Log Brook again. After our walk of roughly two hours and four miles, we came out into the parking lot, tired and hungry. No one really knew the area, but someone had heard of a restaurant called Three Squares. Ten of us were game to try it.

A short drive away, Ivone and I joined the remains of our walking group for wine, beer, and brunch. Good company, laughter, and a little gossip. A great way to end any group activity.

Especially the gossip.


About meremention

Resident of the Granite State, I am a freelance writer who also toils as a research analyst.
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3 Responses to The Group Walk

  1. Undersquid says:

    Wow. I love this entry! I love to hike, so I’m going to have to check out that website, and see if there’s anything happening in my area. Thank you for writing about this!

    So, how you do you like living in Concord, Massachusetts? 😛

    The thing I like the most (well, one of the things) is that it sounds as though the walking distances are manageable. I can handle longer walks, and I routinely do, but a limit of duration sounds like the way to go. it will be fun to see if there are different groups for different intensities of walks. I live near a fantastic mountain range that I haven’t visited in now more than two years, so this gives me an incentive to see if I can emulate it near here.


    • meremention says:

      Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed. By the way, Ivone sent me the group shot, which is now posted. We are fifth and sixth from the right (our left).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Undersquid says:

        She’s gorgeous!
        Your adventure sounded like so much fun, I looked up my local, and joined a couple of groups. One, a writers’ group that meets up every Saturday to sit around and just write for five hours, and they also have critiques every four weeks; and the other one is a hiking one. I hope for copious fun.

        Liked by 1 person

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