Restaurant Review: McDonald’s!

When the long-awaited McDonald’s opened on 237 Main St, long lines of people waited to get in.  My interest was piqued.  I simply had to find out why, and bring back a full report.

I came in around two o’clock, to avoid the lunch rush crowds.  Walking in though the glass doors, there was no one to greet me, but I noticed people waiting at a long stainless steel counter, so I joined them.  I had heard of this “self-service” concept, but now here I was, trying it out.  This was going to be an adventure!

As I waited, I studied the menu with colorful pictures, high up on the walls.  My, those hamburgers and other treats looked delicious.  But I wasn’t very hungry, and decided a milkshake would best satisfy my sweet tooth.  A nice young woman took my order.  “With whipped cream and cherry?” she asked.  Oh no, without, I replied.

When she came back with my (small) vanilla shake, I noticed there was ample room left in the clear plastic cup.  I enquired if she might put a bit more shake in, since I wasn’t getting the whipped cream and cherry.   She relayed my question to a supervisor, who didn’t answer but took the cup away and briskly filled it to the rim.  I thanked them sincerely and left the counter.

But now, where to sit?  There was no host or hostess to guide me, so I walked among the tables until I found an empty spot.  Sad to report, the tabletop was not as clean as it could be, with definite signs that someone had been there before me.  I sat anyway, and took in the ambience of the room.

It was very bright, with so many windows.  Curtains would be a nice touch, I thought.  And the voices around me seemed loud and shrill, especially when a child acted up.  Back in the kitchen, people were shouting and pans were banging.  My goodness, what a boisterous group they were.

I sampled my milkshake, which was tasty but very thick.   I decided to remove the lid and stir my shake with the plastic straw they provided me.  I must say that if all the food here was this good, I’d have to return in the near future.

I thought someone, maybe the nice supervisor, might come over to ask how my food was, or if I needed water.  A glass of ice water at that time would have hit the spot.  But no, I was unlucky.  The only worker I saw was sweeping around a nearby table and seemed not to notice me.

Since I had paid for my milkshake ($2.19 plus tax) at the counter, I was free to leave at will.  I almost left my empty cup on the table, but with a start, went back to retrieve it.  I would have to be my own busboy, I thought, chuckling to myself.

Next time I shall sample one of those hamburgers, and perhaps some “fries.”   Heavens, I’d recommend this restaurant to everyone, as long as they don’t mind the lack of personal service.   They are open 24 hours (!) so you can come in any time.  Tell them the Eatery Beat reviewer sent you.


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Resident of the Granite State, I am a freelance writer who also toils as a research analyst.
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One Response to Restaurant Review: McDonald’s!

  1. Rob Rubin says:

    I doubt a place like that will ever catch on in this country.


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