Fat Bottomed Toothbrushes

I’ve been puzzling over this for weeks. Now I think I have the answer.

The answer to what?

Why toothbrushes are getting fat.

I mean, look at them. For as long as I can remember, until about 10 years ago, they were skinny. Then somebody, somewhere, decided that we all needed big fat ones.

So? you ask. They’re easier to hold, especially for kids. Some even have a textured grip. What’s the problem with that?

The problem is, the toothbrush holder in my bathroom (and maybe yours) is made for the skinny kind. Only one of my four toothbrushes will fit in it. The rest are banished to the medicine cabinet, or precariously balanced lengthwise on top of the holder.

Here’s my theory. The toothbrush makers met with the toothbrush holder makers and cooked up a crazy plan. Make all the brush bottoms fatter, and the holders will become obsolete! Which forces everyone to go out to Bed Bath and Beyond, or Home Depot, and buy new ones.

Tired of watching my extra jumbo toothbrushes roll around and tumble to the floor, I picked up a new free-standing holder the other day. I happily filled it with two of my brushes. Then I tried a third. It wouldn’t fit! That’s right, it was too fat for the new holder with extra fat holes.

This fattening of toothbrushes seems to be a trend. Possibly in the next decade, toothbrush handles will resemble something like an inverted baseball bat. When you pick up one of these brushes, your fingers and thumb won’t even meet. And to hold them, instead of going to Home Depot, we’ll be getting our extra big holders from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Bathrooms will grow even bigger; designers will have to allot extra space in their floor plans.

Look familiar?

Where will it all end?

Time to buy some skinny toothbrushes.


About meremention

Resident of the Granite State, I am a freelance writer who also toils as a research analyst.
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2 Responses to Fat Bottomed Toothbrushes

  1. Stella says:

    As the one whose toothbrush is banished to the medicine cabinet I relate to this. Being next to my hairbrush is definiely not the prime real estate spot. Wonder where it will be banished to once it outgrows that skinny shelf in the medicine cabinet?


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