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The Little Giant of Aberdeen County – Review

This first novel of Tiffany Baker is a very strange, readable and compelling story of hardship, history, love and revenge. “Truly” is the narrator of this novel. Named by her mother in the delirium of a bad childbirth, the baby … Continue reading

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No, I Wasn’t Having a Stroke

I’m at work, walking through the lounge on my way to the men’s room. But something odd is happening. I can’t feel my feet. It seems like I’m floating along with no need to walk. And I know that in … Continue reading

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Phrases I Could Live Without

First Phrase: “Ya think?” Yes, I do think. So why ask? Because it makes you feel superior to say something that equates to “Way to go, Sherlock, for totally stating the obvious.” Well, it’s rude, for one thing, and it … Continue reading

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